'Your Water Sport, Your Way' This Summer With the New PowerEgg X All-Weather Package

PowerEgg X All-weather Edition

Get Outside for Some Family Fun this Summer With the New PowerEgg X All-weather Package

​​​PowerVision Robot Corporation, a global leader in smart drones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, has the perfect device to take out on the water this Summer, its PowerEgg X. As a result of its innovative, modular design, the PowerEgg X comes with a removable waterproof housing and pontoons to make sure users never miss the shot, even out on the water.

PowerVision launched the PowerEgg X Wizard Edition at the start of the year, and is now launching a brand new package option – the All-weather Edition! Retailing at $999, this package comes with a waterproof housing and mini tripod, making it perfect for getting the shot rain or shine. To help celebrate the launch, PowerVision is offering $150 off (at $1099) its top-of-the-line Wizard Edition all summer long!

“With the PowerEgg X, you no longer have to leave your drone at home when heading out for some water sports fun,” said Wally Zheng, Founder and CEO of PowerVision. “Whether you enjoy boating, kayaking, jet skiing, or anything in between – our innovative all-weather drone is there to safely capture all of your best memories out on the water.”

There’s nothing quite like time spent out on the lake or ocean on a warm summer day. From the thrill of high-speed boating to that first time a wakeboarder stands up, memories made out on the water are unforgettable. And for the first time ever, users can capture these memories like never before with the PowerEgg X All-weather drone!

Not only is this device capable of both flying in the rain and water landing/takeoff (with additional accessories), it’s also a high-performance drone. The Egg features automatic obstacle avoidance, precise landing, intelligent flight modes, wind speed resistance up to 29-38 knots, 1080P image transmission within a distance of 3.7 miles, a flight time of 30 minutes, and more.

What would a drone be without its camera? With the PowerEgg X, boaters, surfers, and paddleboarders alike can capture all of life’s best moments in ultra HD. Equipped with a 4k/60fps HD camcorder with a three-axis gimbal, the PowerEgg X produces professional quality video and stunning 12 megapixel images.

Pricing and Availability

The PowerEgg X All-weather package is available now at Powervision.me, Amazon, Best Buy with an MSRP of $999, and the Summer Sale of Wizard package is ongoing at Powervision.me, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and other PowerVision dealers.

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